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This site provides dynamic access to student performance results of Alaska Student Assessments. The Data Interaction system allows users to:

  • Create their own reports, graphs, or data files
  • Conduct ad hoc data queries and analysis
  • Disaggregate on user-selected subgroup variables
  • Drill down from summaries to individual students
  • Print reports in PDF format or export to other software programs

For more information and support for this application, please click here.

Why isn't my username working?

The usernames provided by eMetric always begin with a letter followed by a series of numbers. For district users, the username begins with a 'D'. For school users, the usernames begin with a 'B'. Usernames are not case sensitive.


If a State or District Administrator assigned your username, it may not follow the naming convention described above.

Why isn't my password working?

Passwords are always case sensitive. Also, remember that one ('1') and 'I' as well as zero ('0') and 'O' tend to look alike.

To reset your password, you should contact your account granter. Click here for more information.

How can I get a new user account or reset my password?

District coordinators are asked to contact Heather Kahklen at EED at (907) 465-8724 for login information or to reset a password.

School administrators are asked to contact their district test coordinators for login information or to reset a password.

Teachers are asked to contact the school administrators for login information or to reset a password.

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